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Our Promise

1. Always be 100% transparent when it comes to how we compare to other supermarkets on prices. We allow you to see this product by product, basket by basket, in cash terms. If we aren't cheaper, we will clearly state it on the website.

2. Actively seek out your input; good or bad. We even have an area on the website for you and the community to share your ideas and feedback. We will always openly reply with a clear explanation of how we intend to respond as a business and when.

3. Always respond to any personal enquiries within no more than 24 hours whether through email, phone or social media  The follow-up contact will be from one person empowered to solve your problem themselves, without needing to speak to anyone else in the business.

4. Always stay committed to staying close to members no matter how big we get. This includes every member of the team, no matter the seniority, spending at least one day a month doing deliveries and getting important face time with our members.

5. Be as human and personable as possible. Other than system notifications to let you know we have received and are processing your correspondence, you will always deal with a person. There will never be 'cut and paste' emails, corporate jargon or faceless departments.  

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