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First and foremost, we need to ensure you are over 18. Secondly, we are a club and like most clubs, there is a joining process. At BuyMucho, we are paranoid about providing great customer service. As a new business, we need to be careful not to take on too many members too quickly, as our service levels may suffer. We will only increase our membership when we are confident that we can maintain the high standards of service that we pride ourselves on.
If you live in our catchment area, then you will be able to order as soon as you have registered. If you can't, then it means you are outside of our current delivery area - we will let you know as soon as we start delivering to your are. We are totally committed to delivering the best possible shopping experience for our members. This means making sure that we have the appropriate services in place to support our geographical rollout. In other words, we will start small and grow only when we are confident of being able to maintain our high standards. This will mean managing member numbers, to ensure we don't over-stretch ourselves in the early days.


Our number one priority is to help you save money. To do this, we work off of extremely low margins; so low, that without the annual subscription, we wouldn't be in business. The annual subscription effectively allows us to deliver the great prices you see on our website.
Your first annual subscription payment will only be charged once you have saved double this amount compared to your usual supermarket. This could happen after your first order, depending how much you buy or on subsequent orders. This means there is absolutely no risk in becoming a member. If we don't save you twice the subscription fee, we won't charge. Subsequent annual subscriptions will be charged on the anniversary of your first subscription fee payment.
There is the obvious benefit of saving money on the brands you tend to buy the most of. In addition, like most clubs, members get to have a say on how the club is run. With, this means that we listen to your feedback. Whether it's our service, our prices, our products or any other element of our business, we actively encourage our members to suggest improvements. You can contact us direct or post comments on our blog or on social media. Whichever route you choose, you can rest assured that we will listen and respond. We may not always agree with all of your ideas, but even if we don't, we will tell you the reasons why.
When it comes to our product range, we think we have a broad selection of the brands you want. However, we will be happy to add new brands/products if enough members want them. Just tell us what you want and we will share this with our members. If sufficient numbers agree, we will add it to the website. Now that's something you won't get from the big supermarkets!
If you have subscribed and wish to cancel before you hit the £48 saving threshold, you are welcome to do so. Just drop us a note.
If you have already paid your subscription for the year, you are free to cancel at any time. You won't get any money back (since you will have already saved at least £48), but we will cancel your subscription renewal.


We currently deliver Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. If there is sufficient demand, we will look at weekend deliveries as well.
No, delivery is included as part of your annual subscription.
We aim to deliver within 5 working (excluding public/bank holidays) days, but you can of course, book further ahead if you wish.
You will be given the choice of delivery slot once you have completed your basket.
Yes. If you need to change your slot, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.
Of course. Just get in touch and let us know the order number. If your order has already gone out for delivery, we reserve the right to charge you £9.99, as we will have incurred a charge from our delivery company. You can reach us on 0208 123 0662 or at
If you think you might not be in, please let us know where we can safely leave your order - you can do this at the end of the ordering process in "delivery instructions". If we do turn up and you are not in, we will contact you to reschedule. However, as we will have incurred a cost from our delivery company, we reserve the right o charge you a missed delivery fee of £9.99. You can reach us on 0208 123 0662 or at
Of course. Just give us the details in "delivery instructions" which comes up at the end of the order process.
We will deliver to any ground floor premises. We will also deliver to other floors, as long as there is a working lift – please let us know if you are not on the ground floor in the “delivery instructions”. In all instances, we will require good access for our delivery vehicles.
We want to ensure that we can maintain our high levels of service, so will be managing our rollout very carefully. We will only add new areas once we are confident that we can provide the right service levels. Another major factor will be customer demand. The more demand we have in your area, the more likely we are to come to your area. If you want to increase your chances, please get your friends and neighbours to register.


Afraid not. We are an online business, so all orders must go through our website.
Yes. Give us a call on 0208 123 0662 or email us at happiness@buymucho come. Tell us your order number and what you would like to change and we will do our best to accommodate. Please bear in mind that if your order has already gone out for delivery, it will be too late to make any changes.
Yes. In the shopping basket area, there is a checkbox that will set your order up as a recurring one. Just choose how often you want us to deliver and away you go.
We are all about making it as easy as possible for you to place an order. In fact, we want you to spend as little time as possible placing an order on our site- we're sure you have far more interesting things to do!
Yes. As long as the order hasn't been processed (we will do this 2 days before the delivery is due), you can go into your account and amend your recurring order.
You will receive a confirmation email once you have placed your order. This will show all of the details. Alternatively, you can go into your account and view your previous order.


Please contact our Happiness team on 0208 123 0662 or to arrange any returns.
Yes. You can return any non-perishable product, as long as the case has not been opened, up to 14 days from receiving your order. Just contact our Happiness team on 0203 123 0662 or to arrange any returns.

Product Range

Chilled and frozen products require a more complex and expensive delivery solution. Starting out, we didn't want to add more cost to our business, in case it adversely impacted our pricing. Also, we felt that most customers would have limited space in which to store chilled and frozen products - after all, your fridge and/or freezer is only so big. We will be happy to review this, if there is sufficient demand from our members.
Due to the perishable nature of fresh products, we do not believe that our members are likely to buy such products in bulk.
Just because we sell most items in multi-packs, doesn't mean that we have to force our members to buy the largest possible pack sizes. We are very conscious that kitchen storage space can be an issue for some people. Also, all too often, food in large packs can start to lose its flavour when left for too long. Where possible, we like to offer smaller packs, which fit in smaller spaces. Using smaller packs also helps to keep the food fresher.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards.
We will take payment as soon as your order has been processed - usually the same day you place the order.
You can contact us using the following methods. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as we can; the more urgent the request, the faster we will get back you. Rest assured you will receive a personal response from one of our team that values the fact you have taken the time to get in touch.
Telephone: 0208 123 0662
Social Media:


If we have to refund for any reason, we process your refund immediately. It usually takes 5-10 days for the transaction to show on your credit card / bank account (This is an aspect of how the banking system works).

Personal Details

We only hold this for our own purposes e.g. making deliveries and advising you of any relevant up-dates. We do not share your details with any third parties, other than our delivery company.
Only our delivery company (for obvious reasons!) and they can only use it to make deliveries to you.


Our number one priority is to help you save money. To do this, we work off of extremely low margins; so low, that without the annual subscription, we wouldn't be in business. The annual subscription effectively allows us to deliver the great prices you see on our website. In addition, we sometimes use price marked products in order to get the best possible prices. These are products that have a retail price shown on the label.
We do not believe that anyone should be refused membership, just because they do not fit with a list of specific professions. is open to everyone.
Yes, our standard approach is to compare the exact same product. We will always do our best to ensure that the price comparisons are accurate, but with around 8,000 combinations of products and supermarkets, it is a very complicated process. Also, most of the supermarkets source their products from your local store, so if that particular store has run out of a specific product, it will not show up on their website. Occasionally, this can cause us to show that a product is not stocked by a certain supermarket, when in reality, it is just the local store that is out of stock.

Often, the supermarkets do not sell the same case sizes as we do. For example, we may be selling a case of water with 30 x 50ml bottles. The supermarkets might only stock the same water as single bottles or in 12 packs. Here we would add the price of 2 x 12 packs to that of 6 individual bottles, to get a comparable price for 30 bottles. 

If the size of the product itself is different, we pro-rata the prices in order to make a sensible comparison. For example, we may be selling a can of beer that contains 440ml, whereas the supermarkets might have the same product, but with 500ml. In this instance, we would take their price, multiply it by 440 and divide by 500 to give a like for like price. Typically, if the supermarket doesn’t have the same size, we choose the next size up that they sell. There are some exceptions to this, such as nappies, batteries, condoms and tablets (medicine) where we compare our prices to the largest pack size the supermarkets stock. This is because, in our experience, customers just want the cheapest pack size, whereas with things like cereal, not everyone wants a massive box to try and fit in their cupboard; that’s why our default approach is like for like.

Conversely, there are a few products where we haven’t compared prices with larger pack sizes, on the basis that it is not reasonable to do so. Peanuts are a good example. We sell 70g bags, whereas the supermarkets tend to sell much larger 300g ones. Members who buy the 70g bags are more likely to choose this size due to convenience and freshness (e.g. putting in lunch boxes), so comparing to the larger bags is not reasonable. Our default position is not to compare to any product that is more than 50% larger than the one we sell.

Very occasionally, the product size and the case size are so different that we cannot make a sensible comparison. For example, we may be selling a carton of juice with 288ml, compared to 200ml for the same brand at the supermarkets. In addition, we have 27 products in each case, but the supermarkets only sell this product in quantities of 10 or 4, so it is not actually possible to buy 27 from the supermarkets. In this scenario, we will not show a comparative price.


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